Self Help Group

Self Help Group Micro Credit Innovation Revolving Fund

The overall vision of the Self help group revolving fund is to facilitate sustained access to financial services for IDP and host community women through various microfinance innovations in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Based on the observations of various research studies and an action research project carried out by CCP, the model of ‘SHG’ can evolve as a cost-effective mechanism for providing financial services to the unreached and marginalized poor households in Puntland Somalia. To this endeavor CCP vision is to stimulate the potential in women through microfinance and enabled an entire ecosystem of support through policy advocacy at Government level, organizing and sponsoring a large number of training & capacity building programmes, seminars & workshops for the benefit of all the stakeholders visa- viz. the women groups, the Government agencies, the NGO partners and more importantly the SHG members themselves.

Self Help Group Schemes

The main objectives of Self Help Groups are to develop the habits of savings among women, to face the internal crisis by themselves and to create self-confidence among them. It helps to avail and utilize the schemes announced every now and then. Financial Assistance for Projects up to 5000USD will be given to Self Help Groups, for starting any viable income generating economic activity.

Self Help Groups -Revolving Fund Assistance

Revolving Fund Assistance of up to 500 per member is given to credit rated and eligible Self Help Groups of women, which is given as loan to enable the Self Help Groups members to build and strengthen their capabilities.

Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDPs)

CCP will support need-based skill development programmes (for matured SHGs which already have access to finance from CCP. This will be on-location skill development training programmes which will attempt to bridge the skill deficits or facilitates optimization of production activities already pursued by the SHG members

Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programmes (LEDPs

Feedback from field studies concur that it is prudent to create sustainable livelihoods among SHG members and to attain optimum benefit out of skill up-gradation and a scheme titled Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programme (LEDP) will also be implemented alongside the SHG programme. It envisages conduct of livelihood promotion programmes in clusters. This will be done through provision for intensive training for skill building, refresher training, backward-forward linkages and handholding & escort supports. It also encompasses the complete value chain and offers end-to-end solution to the SHG members. It is to be implemented on a project basis covering 15 to 30 SHGs in a cluster of contiguous villages where from SHG members may be selected.

The skill up-gradation training will be provided in batches of 25-30 members and covers climate smart agriculture & allied activities as well as rural off-farm sector activities. LEDP will not only facilitate promotion of sustainable livelihoods but also derive full advantage from promotional assistance. CCP through its partners will provide grant support for skill up-gradation programmes, establishment of demonstration unit and need based critical infrastructure.

Self Help Group members as paralegals

The SHG platforms will also be safe spaces to address cases of GBV/ domestic and family Violence against Women at Community level through women paralegals. They are at the service side of people. Paralegal are not Lawyers or Judges but are ordinary women members of a Self Help Group trained in accessing legal rights of women under various enactments with counseling skills to deal with the victims of violence.